Have you ever been attacked by one of the four monsters?

In fitness, business or in life one of the four monsters can keep you from being successful or achieving your goals.

Here they are:

Procrastination – We all have talked ourselves out of doing that days exercise, for something less strenuous or less productive because it was the easy way out.

We have put our daily exercise off until the day produced something pressing that made us skip our daily routine. Before you know it, that becomes common and easy to do and develops into a bad habit that will derail your attempt to stay fit. You look back six weeks and you have not exercised at all.

Distraction – This monster hits us from all directions, such as Facebook, video games, texting, watching television, or just avoiding what we really need to be focused on.

If many of us spent half the time on meal planning that we spend on updating our status on social media sites we would be much healthier.

Limiting Beliefs – Often I hear people claim they will never be successful with weight loss because they have failed so many times in the past. The don’t believe it is possible.

Limiting beliefs sneak into our thoughts and words each day. This is also a habit that forms over time. You can also recognize this one from hanging around people that have negative outlooks.

Have you ever noticed that when you hang around positive people you feel better too?

Worry – It’s the last monster and can totally derail your success. Worry can cause a cascade of negative effects on the body and completely keep you from reaching your goals.

Most of the things we worry about are out of our control. If we practice not worrying about things that we can not physically change we will have a much more relaxed life.

no shortcuts work for itIf these four things sound familiar and keep you from reaching your goal, then our personal training services can help you overcome each one.

We will teach you how to control each of the four monsters when it comes to long term success.

Simply call or email me today to get started with your transformation.

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