Results You Can Expect

Lose Weight & Drop Inches

Get rid of unwanted pounds of body fat and melt inches away each month.

Firm Up & Slim Down

Enjoy the look and feel of your body as you tone and sculpt lean muscle to see positive changes each week.

Feel & Look Amazing

Get back to a slim, sexy body and feel incredible as you have more natural energy to enjoy your life.

Improve Your Strength

Gain strength and feel confident as you slow down the aging process and love how your body performs.

Increase Your Stamina

Boost your energy level for more and better production at work, time with family, and fun.

Eliminate Aches & Pains

Reduce chronic aches and pains and improve joint strength with rehab exercises built into your workouts.

Client Success Stories

“I've gotten rid of over 21 pounds and 10% body fat. I've never felt better. William mixes up the workouts so that I can feel different muscles working every time.”


“Since training with William I've lost 28 pounds, 6% body fat, and 18 inches in the first four months. He is always focused on you and your needs and goals. It has been an incredible experience.”


Benefits of Having a TRUE Fitness and Fat Loss Personal Trainer

Goal Setting

William will help you set realistic and achievable goals so that you can be sure to make continuous progress on your fitness journey.


You are never just another client. William’s mission is to hold you accountable and make sure you reach your goals.


The best way to guarantee results is by having regular ongoing assessments to ensure you stay on pace to reach your goals.

Fitness Expertise

Get the latest instruction in the most effective exercise techniques to make sure you get outstanding results without wasting any time or effort.

Daily Motivation

Get emails loaded with valuable information and encouragement to help you stay on track, remain focused, and keep working hard.

Experienced Coaching

You will have access to over 15 years of fitness and fat loss knowledge to make sure your new lifestyle is customized and rewarding for you.

I Will Help You Change Your Life

Hi, I’m William Barnes.

As a personal trainer since 2003 I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you permanently get rid of thousands of pounds, reshape their bodies, and get more out of life.

It will NEVER get any easier than it is right now. I will help you change your life for the better that you will enjoy for years to come.

The body and health of your dreams is waiting.

Don’t hesitate. Contact me now!