10 Tips for Better Fat Loss Today


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Fat loss isn’t an event; it’s a process–a process that requires tender loving care in order to be successful and permanent.

Getting started or staying on track can be overwhelming for some people, so here are 10 tips to smooth out the bumps and curves in your journey to a fitter, slimmer body.

1. Be consistent.  This means focus on regularity and commitment.  It takes more than just a few good days or weeks of working out to get results and to keep them going.  Before long what seemed like such a daunting task will become second nature and then you’ll turn into one of those, “fitness people,” (but in a good way) that people are jealous of.  Remember to stick with structured workouts and make time for them no matter what your schedule.

2. Be sneaky.  Every chance you get, move as fast as you can. For example, every time you need to go up the staircase or down the hall to make some copies, dash up the stairs or down the hall as fast as possible; it’ll be over within seconds. Have to take out the garbage?  Jog while carrying the bags to the dumpster.  Fast movement in tiny spurts sprinkled throughout the day add up.

3. Realize that there is no built-in exercise program for our lives.  One of the biggest obstacles to successful fat loss is that of thinking those regular daily activities replace structured workouts.  With this kind of thinking, it won’t be long before you’re not doing any real exercising because you think that the vacuuming and dusting you did earlier count as your aerobic session.

Exercise, like all important things in life, deserves its own unique time slot, and that time slot stands, no matter how many household chores you did that day.

4. Do some body weight cardio instead of your regular machine cardio. If you missed a strength session in the previous week then get it back by performing your own body weight cardio routine in your home or at the gym to kill two birds with one stone.

Just think of about 6-10 exercises and perform them for reps or time in a controlled but rapid fashion to get a great burn in your muscle and your heart rate up for the next 30 minutes.  Follow the list I’ve got below for starters…



Push Ups




Sit Ups or Favorite Crunch

Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climbers

Rotating Side Planks


5. Stop comparing yourself to your fit friends and/or celebrities.  If you had a $5 million movie deal riding on your weight, you’d have no problem staying svelte.  Movie stars are very highly motivated to stay slender, and for all you know, they pack on the pounds after filming is done and they disappear for months before their next project, giving them time to diet back down.

Rather than saying, “I want to look like (fill in the blank),” say, “I want to be strong, swift and lean.” Make the affirmation, then go to work for it.

6. Be prepared to exercise on the road.  Vacations are just around the corner for this time or year and time away from home for business or pleasure is not a get out of jail card when it comes to exercise.  In fact, it is a great opportunity to see how far you’ve come with developing your daily exercise habits when you’re out of your comfort zone and regular routine.  Is your mindset to keep exercising (even though I’m not there to guide you) or is it time to slack off?

Find out ahead of time if the hotel has an awesome gym or if you need to Google what is nearby so that you can get your workout done in the morning and then be on with the rest of your day.

7. Get emotional. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, put away the diabetes and
heart disease pamphlets and instead take a good hard look at your children or grandkids.  How badly do you want to dance at their weddings, keep up with them on vacations, play ball with them and have the energy to help them out in times of need?  Don’t have kids?  Then take a look at your parents and see what is in store for your future.  Good health or barely making it?

Imagine your future in the golden years: Do you want to be making shopping trips to the drug store for a new cane, or trips to the sporting goods store for a new tennis racket?

8. Limit processed foods. They trigger hunger and cause fat storage.

9. Avoid diet drinks at all costs. They trigger hunger, contain unhealthy ingredients, and cause fat storage.  Are you sensing a theme here?

10. Eat a nourishing, metabolism boosting breakfast every day soon after awakening, or soon after working out if you work out first thing in the morning.

These tips are a sensational start to successful fat loss or some necessary reminders to help you keep going strong.  Either way, implementation is the only way you will succeed.

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