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Benefits of Water

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Pretty lengthy blog post today, but a good one, including 6 reasons drinking more water helps you burn more fat.  (Read below)

You wouldn’t know it by what the weather forecast is telling us is going to happen this weekend, but it is getting warmer by the week and soon we’ll be complaining about it being in the triple digits.

The temperature rising means more cold water consumption, and that’s a good thing.  But drinking more water goes beyond just quenching your thirst, especially when it comes to fitness and fat loss.


Did you know that your body is made up of 70% water?

EVERYTHING our bodies do to function on a daily basis relies heavily on having enough water coming in to replace what we lose.

Now you may be thinking that you don’t lose that much water because you don’t sweat much during your workouts or doing chores around the house.

Fact is, you lose about a liter of water per day just through your lungs and skin, and that amount can easily be doubled or tripled when you workout consistently.  Whether you sweat buckets or not.


How much water should you be consuming?

If you’re a numbers person, then shoot to get at least half of your current body weight in ounces of WATER per day.  Notice I’m putting the emphasis on WATER because I can’t stress enough how drinking just pure clean water is better for you than just any kind of fluids.  Water flushes out the toxins that we put in with other food and drink.

Don’t want to keep up with the ounces?  The best way to tell if you’re getting enough water is to take a look at your urine when you go to the restroom.

If it is a strong yellow color then you need to chug more water!  If it is a very pale yellow to clear color then you are doing well.


6 Reasons Water Helps You Burn More Fat

Naturally Increases Your Metabolism – When you are not drinking enough water your body’s metabolism WILL slow down.  Since water is needed for almost all bodily functions, without the optimal amount your metabolism and other systems are not working at full potential.  The slower your metabolism the less fat and calories you will burn.  Drink more water to help improve your bodily functions, including metabolism.

More Water Increases Nutrient Absorption – One tip I started using several months back was from a fat loss expert that I highly respect.  He advised drinking a glass of water before meals, not because it helps fill a person up, preventing them from eating as much, but as a way to soften your bodies cells so that better nutrient absorption can occur.  This scientific fact helps more fat burning nutrients get into the muscle cells and less stored in fat cells.  When I started doing this I could almost immediately tell a difference in my energy, which means I was getting more out of what I ate. 

Less Water = Increased Fat Gain – Lack of water consumption has anti-catabolic effects (you lose muscle).  When you are dehydrated this stimulates catabolic hormones and increases the cortisol response to exercise. Cortisol is a fat storage hormone and is responsible for weight gain, especially in the abs and waistline.

Prevents Water Retention – One big misconception is that if you if you drink too much water it will cause retention.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, it’s the lack of water that causes water retention.  Your body sees a lack of water as a threat and it goes into “survival mode” and will try to retain everything that the body has to offer.  Thus your body will automatically store any water that you drink, resulting in water retention.  You can prevent this by drinking more water and in time it you will flush the excess water out of your body.

Prevents Fat Storage – Water can help you metabolize body fat better.  When your body does not have enough of this powerful nutrient to perform it’s daily physiological tasks then it is forced to pull water from your body’s cells, including fat cells.  Drawing water from your fat stores means you are less likely to metabolize and burn them off fat as energy.  That will result in more fat storage over time.  The more water you drink, the better hydrated you are, the less fat your body will have to store.

Less Keytones – Keytones, a natural byproduct of fat burning, are flushed out of the body through urine.  High water intake is necessary to flush excess ketones out of the kidneys to prevent the negative effects of their accumulation.  By riding yourself of these, you will improve your fat burning engine.

Well, like I said, long email, but well worth it.

I hope this opened your eyes at least a little bit more as to how important something as simple as water is to your overall fat loss results.

Now go have a glass!

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