3 MUST Do’s for Incredible Results

By June 17, 2013Health
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Hey, Willie B here,

How are things for you on this Monday afternoon!  I’m just looking to start another great week myself.

A few things I keep hearing from clients who are stuck and can’t drop any more pounds or feel tired and sluggish after working out is what I want to address today.

These are 3 MUST do things if you aim to have high energy all day long, thus boosting your metabolism and melting more body fat.

So, let’s get into it…

 You MUST Eat a Protein Source Every Time You Eat!

I hope that is clear because I don’t know how else to put it.  Are there times when you don’t really feel like including a protein with your meal?  Sure, I do too.  Are there times when you can’t get to a protein source to include in your meal?  Absolutely, but that shouldn’t happen often.

Remember that NOT eating a protein is NOT putting fuel on the fire, literally.  Proteins help boost your metabolism to help you burn more calories than any other food you can consume.  Protein calories give you nearly twice the amount of metabolic power than carbohydrates and over 5 times the amount of healthy fats.  Missing out on protein with each meal is just asking for a less than optimized metabolism to get better results.

Try to have as much variety as possible with your proteins that way you are less likely to get bored.  There aren’t that many options anyways so you do have to be a little creative.  Try new recipes or new cooking styles (baked, pan seared, grilled, etc.).

You MUST Eat (or drink) Something after Working Out!

I know you may not really feel like eating or drinking much except water after your workout, but you have to for your body’s sake and for recovery (less soreness).  You just beat up your muscles in a good way and used up basically all of your body’s fuel (carbohydrates) during your workout.  You MUST get high quality nutrients back in your system that will help rebuild what you just broke down from weight training.

If you don’t replenish those vital nutrients your body will begin to further break down muscle and covert it to fuel so that you will survive.  It sounds extreme, but it is physiologically true.  And if your body breaks down muscle and you lose lean body tissue that means less calorie burning power.

So, what should you do?  If you just finished a strength workout with me or by yourself (cardio included or not) then the best thing would be a recovery drink/shake that has all the fast digestion proteins and carbs in it to get into your muscles quickly to start the recovery process and prevent as much soreness as possible.  Plus it will help you feel rejuvenated after working out and not tired or sluggish.  If you don’t have a drink with everything you need in it (see my shake below), the next best thing would be a whey protein shake and 1-2 pieces of fruit.

At the very least, eat a high quality meal with proteins and carbs after strength training so that you get some good stuff back in you.  After cardio only workouts, skip the recovery drink/shake and just go for some high quality food to help keep your metabolism running hot.  No need for recovery nutrients when you do cardio only.

You MUST Be Structured and Consistent Everyday!

In 11 years I would say that about 30% of my over 500 clients have gotten great fitness and fat loss results.  If there was one word I would use to describe those people it would be, “consistent.”  They were all very consistent in their day-to-day approach of their fitness and fat loss lifestyle.  They consistently ate well to raise their metabolism and burn excess body fat.  They consistently worked out the great majority of the week (at least 5 days every week) to improve their fitness levels.  And that all added up to help them achieve outstanding results.

They found the structure that worked best for them while following my advice as best as possible.  They lived the lifestyle needed for change and didn’t panic or give up when things didn’t go their way from time to time.  They just got everything back on track because that was their new comfort zone.

Small changes add up to big results.  You don’t have to change everything that is holding you back in one day.  Just work on changing one thing at a time and then repeat that strategy when you’re ready to improve even more.

Let me know how I can help or how changing things is going for you.

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