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By May 21, 2013Fat Loss
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Hey AFF (Awesome Fitness Family),

Hope your having an outstanding week so far!

As you can probably guess I have read a ton of material over the years (and still do) about the absolute best ways for you to drop unwanted pounds and continue to improve your fitness level.

Don’t worry!  I haven’t been hiding anything from you.

Just like I preach all the time, it still comes down to the right nutrition and intense exercise to get great results.

But there are 4 things I’ve noticed in studying fat loss for over a decade now that ALWAYS seem to be a part of any fat loss plan to shed pounds and keep them off.

Eating a lean protein with breakfast – You might as well just set your mind to eating a lean protein source each time to you eat a meal throughout the day, not just breakfast.  Long term research continually shows that those individuals who eat a lean protein with breakfast get rid of excess body fat easier, stay full longer, have fewer cravings, and keep the bad weight off for many years to come.

Journal your daily nutrition – Until you get to a very habitual point of eating very nutritiously on a day-to-day basis you need to write down or keep track with a smart phone app EVERYTHING you eat during each day.  This will help you truly understand what all goes into your month.  When you have to jot that food down then you may notice bad trends to correct or you will think twice about eating that high calorie food causing you to store it as fat.  Again, studies show that people who write down their foods daily are more likely to drop pounds consistently and reach their goals.

Step on the scale on a regular basis – I’ll be honest.  The articles I’ve seen over the years have always instructed a person to step on the scales each day to help keep track of weight loss and stay committed to their program.  I definitely don’t think a person should step on the scales that frequently.  EVERYONE’S weight fluctuates throughout the week, whether you’ve been doing good or bad.  So, everyday weigh-ins could drive a person crazy.  I do think that getting a scale reading once per week under the same conditions (same day each week, morning time, same type of clothes, or no clothes) can give you a way better indication of how your program has treated you over the last week.  Still take into account the way your clothes fit, the way your body feels to the touch, and how you look in the mirror instead of relying completely on the scales.  Once again, research has proven that people who use the scales on a regular basis tend to stay on track with their fat loss and fitness plan better and longer then those who don’t.

Like-minded people of influence for accountability – One of the biggest factors of how well a person does or will do with their fat loss program is the company they keep.  Now, before I go further I do believe that each person is still ultimately responsible for his or her own actions regardless of who else they are around frequently.  But, recent studies are proving that unhealthy people tend to stick together or influence others, and the same can be said for healthy people sticking together or influencing others.  So, you should take stock of your family, friends, and co-workers to make sure you have like-minded people around to help you improve your results.  It’s pretty hard to shut out loved ones if they aren’t committed to being healthy themselves in order for you to reach your goals, but maybe you can be the one to influence them to a better lifestyle.  On the other hand, you can prevent friends or co-workers who are always asking to skip your workouts or wanting you to go eat somewhere unhealthy with them.  See if you can influence them to a better lifestyle or you may have to limit the amount of time and/or situation in which you see each other.

Well, if you didn’t catch the theme throughout this email, let me give it to you straight up…

Research and studies are proving that the above tips are what people who drop excess body fat consistently and improve their overall fitness level to previously unthought-of of levels for them are doing that get results for life!

I hope you see where you can begin doing those tips if you aren’t already.  Can’t wait to hear about the changes you are going to make and see.

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