4 Tricks to Make Mondays the Best

By July 28, 2013Fat Loss, Health
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Hey, what’s up!

Hope your weekend was as great as the weather at this point in late July.

I don’t ever remember sending out an email on a Sunday, so you know that I must believe these 4 tricks are crazy important and will lead you to an awesome week.

It’s no secret that most people hate Mondays.

Not sure about you, but most of the time I look forward to Mondays, at least from a fitness perspective.

Sounds a bit crazy, but it’s true.

Well, if you hate Mondays, I’ve got a few tricks to help make Mondays the BEST.

With these tricks, you’ll start to shed some new light on Mondays instead of thinking of how much you hate the 1st day of the week.

From now on, Mondays will be the day that will set you up to dominate your fitness goals.

Trick #1 – Reset and Forget

With Monday being the first day of the week, this makes it easy to “reset” your mind and your schedule.

What most people tend to do that’s a HUGE mistake is to dwell on their past mess ups over the weekend that they just had.

I know how this goes…

Maybe you missed some training sessions, ate terribly, and maybe gained a few “soft” pounds.

These things happen right?

They just better not be happening all the time or you’re in real trouble…

Either way, the most important thing about this is to FORGET about the past and move on into the future.

This goes with any mistakes you make.

You have NO power to change the past, only to make sure you change your actions so that you don’t keep repeating mistakes and actually get better results.

So, instead of dwelling on your mistakes, get FIRED up about them.

Reset and get yourself pumped up about the upcoming week.

Like I said, Monday’s work good for this.

Trick #2 – Set A 7 Day Goal

Now that you’ve reset your brain and you’re laser focused on making this a great week, the one thing you must do next is set a 7 day goal.

This is critical.

Think about what you want to CONQUER over the course of the next week.

This could be anything via training, nutrition, or what ever else it is you want to achieve more success in.

The key is to make sure and do it!

Do NOT skip out on this.  Remember, if nothing changes then NOTHING changes.

This will keep you on target for the next 7 days (if you’re truly committed) and serve as your target for the week.

No slacking or BS excuse making…

Just set up a goal and get it done.

Trick #3 – TAKE ACTION

Now that you’ve forgotten about your mistakes over the last few days, and have set a goal that you’re going to CRUSH, you now TAKE ACTION.

Think about the way you’re going to feel when you hit your 7 day goal.

Think about how much further ahead you’ll be when you get there.

Now it’s time to ATTACK.

The most important part of anything you do in life is about the ACTION you must take.

When you act, you create change and this is exactly what you want and need.

Am I right?

Trick #4 – Get Back on Course Immediately

Try your absolute best over the course of the week to do the things you know you need to do in order to reach your goals.

But, if you missed a workout or ate something unhealthy (intended or not) then just get back on course and finish out the week strong.

We all run over bumps in the road that prevent us from doing things perfectly.

It is NOT about perfection, but about PROGRESSION.

Where as you may have thrown in the towel in the past when things didn’t go perfectly, now you realize that your next meal or next workout can put you right back on track to getting something out of this week and taking one more step towards the body you want.

Now go out and implement this complete strategy and I think you’ll be blown away at how much you achieve over the next 7 days.

Then repeat!

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