5 Simple Fat Loss Plan “Fixes”

By April 18, 2013Health, Nutrition

Hey, it’s William!

There are many people who have a TON of excuses when it comes to losing fat.

In my years as a trainer, I have heard a bunch of them:

“I don’t have enough TIME to eat right and exercise!”

“Most “healthy” food tastes like cardboard!”

“I am just too TIRED to cook the right kinds of stuff.”

“It’s too expensive.”

And on, and on, and on!

It seems there’s an excuse for everything.

But, today is going to be different…

Today is the day you are going to learn some POSITIVE tricks to starting – and more importantly – sticking to your fat loss plans!

These easy-to-implement steps will…

* Transform bland tasting vegetables into tasty treats…

* Make preparing a meal simple, cost effective, and EASY…

* Will help you avoid common pitfalls that will do nothing but TANK your losing efforts…

* And much, much more!

Keep reading to discover five ways to stay – and enjoy – your fat loss plan, once and for all!

Five Easy Ways To Stick With It

Although there may be a TON of ways to keep you motivated, there are many people that find it extremely difficult to do so.

Family obligations, work, social time, or just plain LIFE gets in the way!

But luckily for you, these five 5 steps may encourage you to stick with your plan, lose the extra weight, and most importantly, look GREAT doing it!

So without further ado…

Replace “I don’t have time” with already prepared fish or chicken

Time is usually the biggest obstacle when it comes to sticking with your eating plan.

You may be in a rush on your way home from work.  You may not have ANYTHING in the house to cook.

So what do you need to do to eat healthy?

You need head to the grocery store.  Skip the frozen food section (too much fat, fillers, additives, and sodium) and head to the deli.

Here you will find already made chicken or turkey breast, or you can head to the seafood department where you may be able to find already cooked wild-caught salmon.

Pair that with some vegetables (see step 2) and some brown rice, quinoa, or sweet potatoes, and you have a meal perfect for you and the entire family.

Plus, it keeps your goals on track for boosting your fat loss.

Replace “I buy it for my kids” with healthier snack options

If you have kids (or a spouse), then you know how hard it is to keep food on the shelves when they are looking for something to eat.

Let alone finding the best, healthy snacks that EVERYONE will enjoy!

So, if you’re like most, you buy the chips, dips, and easy-to-make snack treats that only pack in the calories, fat, and sodium.

And you, like most, probably end up eating them as well!

What should you do?

Buy a fruit or vegetable platter and keep the junk food OUT!

This will cut down on YOUR unnecessary snacking, added calories, and junk food simply ending up in your stomach.

Replace “These veggies taste AWFUL” with the best tasting veggies around

Veggies, which are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, are both a low-calorie and a low-fat food.

And they are perfect additions to any plate when you’re in the fat loss game.


The fiber found in vegetables helps fill you up and keeps you satisfied for a few hours.

But there is only one problem: Most vegetables, if overcooked, may taste bland and overdone.

And this may leave your taste buds craving something better.

There is a simple solution: Toss them in garlic, balsamic vinegar or olive oil for a great tasting, mouth watering side dish.

It will not only boost your intake of vegetables, but should also take away from the bland, dried out, or overdone taste!

Replace “I need CHOCOLATE” with the occasional dark chocolate treat

For some people, chocolate is the main downfall to their nutrition plan.

Are you one of them?

In most cases, you don’t need to give up your chocolate treat just because you’re watching what you eat.

The fact is: Dark chocolate – which is MUCH better than milk chocolate – has been linked to improvements in heart health and blood pressure.

Plus, the antioxidants and the flavonoids found in dark chocolate have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation that your body experiences from exercise.

Keep ONE ounce of dark chocolate around in those times when you really need that little taste of chocolate.

Replace: “I LOVE Carbs” with Carbs + Protein + Fat = Satisfied

Although carbs are an important source of nutrition for your brain and muscles, many people tend to overeat this type of food.

And, they’re eating the wrong types!

First, most people tend to eat refined carbs (cakes, sweets, processed breads, etc.), which spike insulin levels and promote greater fat storage.

Plus, the sudden rise and drop in blood sugar usually causes your energy levels to plummet and you feel really fatigued.

But, if you’re smart about mixing healthy carbohydrates with a high-quality protein and some healthy fats, then you may slow the absorption of many of those carbs, therefore stabilizing your blood sugar.

Besides that, the protein takes a lot longer to break down and process, therefore it actually SUPPRESSES your appetite, leaving you full and satisfied as opposed to chomping at the bit until your next meal.

By implementing these FIVE steps today, you may find it easier to stick to your fat loss program and reach your goals.

So what are you waiting for?


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