5 Simple Fat Loss Tips You Can Use This Minute (really easy)

5 simple fat loss tips you can use this minute really easy tape -measure grapefruit

Hey, hope everything is going bananas for you right now (that is a good thing)!

I was recently pouring over good ole’ fat loss information when I was reminded of some tips I used to tell my clients back in the day that really made an impact on how they got better results INSTANTLY.

Just simple little fat loss tips that kept everything in perspective, made life easier and rollin’ along.

Check’em out…

What kind of workout animal are YOU? (or do you want to be)

No, I’m not asking you to get all deep here.  Basically, it goes like this…you are a snail if you burn 5-10 calories per minute, a rabbit if you burn 11-15 calories per minute, and a cheetah if you burn 16-20+ per minute.

So, after five minutes look at your total calories burned (25-50, 51-75, or 76-100+) to see where you fit in the animal kingdom.

BTW, think about this.

Would you rather be a snail; slow and not making much progress?

How about a rabbit; small, cute, but still a little fluffy?

Or do you want to be a cheetah; lean, sleek, and afraid of nothing!


Develop your Sunday ritual!

Since Sunday is a relaxing day for most of us, use Sunday’s to get all your meals planned and cooked for the week.

At the very least cook lots of your favorite proteins (chicken, fish, turkey, beef, etc.) and refrigerate or freeze them for popping in the microwave at a moments notice.

Just combine your cooked protein selection with a rinsed can of starchy veggies or frozen veggies and you’ve got a meal in about a minute!

Too simple to not do it.  NOW DO IT!


Obey the 90/10 rule with everything!

Throughout the week you should strive to get minimum of 90% of your workouts done and supportive meals devoured.

That other 10% will not kill your results.

Over the course of a week or month look back and see your progress.

Did you get in at least 90% of your workouts?

Did you eat supportively at least 90% of the time?

If so then I’ll bet you hit at least 90% of your goal, which is better than I can say for millions of others trying to get rid of body fat.


Drown your cravings in water!

Here is another area you should be observing the 90/10 rule.

Make sure that at least 90% of the fluids you consume are just pure, clean water.

I shouldn’t have to go into why water is the best thing for you and your metabolism.  You know it is!

But as for cravings, have a tall glass of nature’s best fluid, wait 10 minutes, and I’ll bet you won’t feel those cravings any more.

Why?  Because you were probably more thirsty than hungry.


You down with OPP!?

Remember that line from Naughty by Nature?  That old school rap group from back in the day.

Who knows what they really meant.

I’m just using “OPP” to say Outcome, Process, and Progress as in goal setting and achievement.

This fat loss tip will help get your mind right each week and only takes about 2-3 minutes to get done.

The outcome goal is what you want to achieve: “I want to get rid of 1-2 pounds of fat this week.”  Or, “I want to get rid of 5 pounds of body fat in the next 30 days.”

The process goal is what you will need to do in order to achieve the outcome goal: “I will get three strength training sessions and six cardio sessions done each week for the next four weeks.”

And finally, you can look back each week and at the end of the month to see if you made that outcome goal come true or, if not, did you at least make progress and do better than before you set that goal?

There you have it.

Take massive action right now and use those 5 simple fat loss tips today to get better, leaner, and stronger!

I’m out!

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