5 Ways to Get Better Sleep (and Why You Should)

By May 15, 2013Health
better sleep

Hey, hope you week has been as awesome as mine so far!

You’ve heard me beat the drum for years about nutrition, strength training, and cardio being the three pillars of fitness and fat loss.

BUT getting enough quality sleep is perhaps the lynch pin to all of those pillars coming together better to help you get amazing results.

(Insert your laugh or snappy comment here.)

I know, easier said than done when it comes to getting more sleep.

That is why I wanted to send out this email.  This is your chance to take a HUGE step in the right direction of your health and fitness goals by doing these very simple 5 tips for getting better sleep below.

So, what role does sleep play in improving fitness or life performance, fat loss, muscle toning/building, etc?

Well, it helps with recovery in areas like physical (tired from work or working out), cognitive (mental awareness, concentration), immune system (less sickness), and hormonal environment (balance hormones for energy and fat burning).

Now that we have that brief science lesson out of the way, let’s move on to the 5 ways you’re going to start sleeping better tonight!

  1. Black Out Your Room – Try to make your bedroom as dark as possible. Prevent excess light from bright clocks, lights from other areas in your house, etc. You should be able to close your eyes and then open them and not tell much of a difference.
  1. Have a Cool Room – Studies show that the optimal temperature for your best sleeping environment is between 68 and 70 degrees. In fact, I recently read an article about NFL teams that require their hotel rooms to be 68 degrees for the players to sleep well. But I’m sure you ladies already know that about the NFL!  (Insert another laugh)
  1. Have a Cut Off Time for Electronics – If you’re big about getting on your computer or smart phone at night right up until your eye lids shut and you have a hard time getting enough sleep then you will definitely want to do this. About 15-30 minutes before your bed time, shutdown all brain stimulating electronics, including television (I’m bad about this one) and see if you fall asleep easier and earlier.
  1. Practice Other Means of Calming Down – This can include static stretching, meditation, controlled deep breathing, among other things to help you relax and not feel tense when slipping into bed.
  1. Have a Cut Off Time for Food – Eating too late can cause lack of digestion, inflammation, and restlessness when it comes to proper recovery and getting better sleep. Try to consume your last bit of food about 2-3 hours before going to sleep, whenever that is for you.

I hope those tips help you start sleeping way better real soon!

I know I’m going to try some light stretching just before bed and see what that does for me.

Let me know if any or all of these help you.

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