6 Diets That Don’t Work (and why)

6 diets that dont work help scale

Hey, hope your doin’ awesome!

Anybody who knows me and the kind of personal trainer I am knows that I HATE DIETS!

Diets are terrible.

They don’t “work” at burning body fat.

And they just plain SUCK!  Am I right?

Of course I am.

I’ve seen, worked with, and heard of so many people frustrated by crazy fad diets that aren’t even worth the paper they are printed up on.

Here are 6 fad diets that gained popularity recently and failed miserably…


#1 – The Hallelujah Diet

Fittingly, you would need a prayer for it to burn fat.  Basically an all vegetable diet consisting of 85% raw vegetables and 15 % cooked vegetables.

The thought here is that vegetables in their more natural state (uncooked) are better for you instead of those tainted by whatever juices they are cooked in.

Why this diet fails…

Where is the lean protein?

This is essentially a vegan diet, which always fails to provide enough protein to boost your metabolism and rebuild lean muscle tissue for better muscle tone.

Go on this diet and you can expect to become anemic due to the lack of protein, and the eating solely raw vegetables is hard on your digestive system compared to cooked veggies which are more easily digestible.


#2 – The Water Diet

This one may be one of the craziest I’ve ever heard of based on the “science” of the diet.

Directions say you should drink 64 ounces of water at 50-degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

The idea is this will make your body use energy to warm the water bringing it to body temperature, thus helping you burn 12 calories per pint.

Why this diet fails…

12 calories?!

That means this strategy helps you burn a whooping 48 calories for those 64 ounces consumed.

I would say the average client burns 48 calories in 5 minutes during an intense, up tempo, fat burning workout.

That means at the end of 30 minutes you would have burned close to 300 calories or more AND improved your muscle tone.

Listen, I’m not saying water doesn’t help you when getting rid of fat, it most certainly plays a part, but water is not some secret calorie burner that will give you a great body.


#3 – The HCG Diet

This particular diet probably takes the cake for most popular and talked about during 2011 and beyond.

Based on taking shots of the HCG pregnancy hormone, this intense 40-day diet also advises to only eat about 500 calories per day.

The HCG shots are supposed to create symptoms of morning sickness and nausea, thus decreasing a person’s appetite to lose weight.

Why this diet fails…

It has more to do with eating only 500 calories a day for so called success instead of a newly discovered fat burning hormone.

Anyone who eats about 500 calories a day mostly from vegetables and fruits with just 3.5 ounces of protein mixed in is going to lose weight.

Problem is the weight you lose isn’t fat.  The diet burns off mostly lean muscle, which is where calories are burned.

Less muscle equals less calories burned and more fat stored.


#4 – The Cabbage Soup Diet

A blast from the past comes back!

Fact is most diets these days are recycled from diets in the past, just tweaked to make people think they are new and this one isn’t any different.

For a solid week a person can indulge in bottomless bowls of cabbage soup while adding in some low calorie food options.

The tagline is that it will help you shed 10 pounds in a week.

Why this diet fails…

Just like with any diet that is based mostly on eating vegetables in whatever form, the cabbage soup diet is just another low calorie attack that your body is designed to defend against by producing starvation hormones when you aren’t consuming enough calories which results in more fat gained.

Also this little note to ponder…

The gastrointestinal discomfort and the diarrhea alone can be catastrophic.

But hey you lost 10 pounds, which will most likely come back on you in less time than it took to drop them when you go back to eating the way you did before starting.


#5 – The Baby Food Diet

Backed by celebrity Jennifer Aniston, the baby food diet plays second fiddle to the HCG diet as most popular in 2011.

The plan calls for a person to replace one to two meals per day with up to 14 jars of baby food and also having one regular meal or several high calorie snacks.

The theory is that the small jars will prevent overeating and help a person get adjusted to smaller portions of food as an aid in weight loss.

Why this diet fails…

Baby food is not fortified for adults, it’s fortified for babies!

While solid proof doesn’t exist that eating mostly baby food is bad, science does say that bone density issues could come as a result of eating baby food for too long.

Plus, letting a small jar tell you how much food you should eat tells me you may have other issues.

How about eating a lean protein about the size of your hand, a piece of fruit or brown rice about the size of your clinched fist, and have at least a fist sized helping of veggies with each meal.

There you go.  Portion control done right!


#6 – The Chewing Diet

Just like the title suggests – chew, chew, chew – as in up to 80 times per bite of food.

The idea is to liquefy your food and then spit it out.

On paper, a person consumes fewer calories, but still gets the satisfying feel of having tasted food.

Why this diet fails…

It falls just short of bulimia, and is a form of a psychological problem and an eating disorder.

Besides being socially unacceptable to spit your food out many times over the course of eating a meal, the shear amount of chewing will cause a person to go crazy.

Bonus side effect to not getting rid of body fat by way of this fad diet…

…is the overproduction of digestive enzymes from the stomach which will eventually lead to acid reflux and damaged teeth due to keeping food in the mouth for so long.




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