6 Habits of Successful Dieters (part 1)

6 habits of successful dieters i can do it

Hey, I hope you’re having an awesome and FIT day!

Are you ever curious as to why only some people realize their weight loss goals, while others can’t seem to stick to something (or anything) to save their lives?

When it comes down to it, success or failure hinges on 6 diet strategies.

And the cool thing is these success strategies are scientifically proven (and tested in the real world) so all you have to do is read, implement, and have patience (< – – very important).


Get Slim Habit #1 – Be VERY specific

Being vague is the worst thing you can do.

Forget saying things like…”I wanna lose a few.”

That’s like saying “Hi pilot, can you take me somewhere over there please?”  We all need a DESTINATION.

When you develop a clear objective that you are trying to reach your brain starts giving attention, energy, focus to that clear objective to help you achieve that result.

Start saying THIS instead –

“I want lose 20 pounds and go from 155 to 135 in 10 weeks so that will take me 2 pounds per week. ”

Now…THAT is specific!


Get Slim Habit #2 – Create an “OK” to Eat Plan

Don’t get caught without a smart strategy when things aren’t in your favor.

Create an “IF” / “THEN” plan.  Follow this example…

“If I’m eating out with friends or family I will NOT order dessert just because everyone is talking and will be staying at the restaurant a little while longer, I will order a cup of tea.”

Or, how about this…

“When I go to a business lunch, I will always order the grilled chicken salad.  This way I can focus on the meeting, have a great lunch, and keep it simple.”

Having these types of plans in place will help you be 2 to 3 times more likely to succeed at weight loss than just winging it or throwing in the towel and ordering the nachos.


Get Slim Habit #3 – Track your success

You should consistently monitor your progress (but not obsessively).

I recommend doing 1 of 2 things…

Either weight yourself NO MORE then ONCE per week in the morning on an empty stomach with little or no clothes.

(FYI – weighing yourself everyday or multiple times a day is so crazy I need 100 pages for it so I’m not even getting into how nutz-so that is!)

Or, if you’re not obsessed with the number (as you shouldn’t be) than simply put on the same pair of skinny jeans once a week in the morning on an empty stomach.

Evaluate how you “feel” in them and allow that to be your success meter.

Keep a written journal of how you felt until you write the words “They finally fit!”

Well, I hoped you liked part one of the 6 habits of highly successful dieters.

Be sure to look for tomorrow’s part two.

Here’s a hint: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

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