6 Habits of Successful Dieters (part 2)

6 habits of successful dieters i can do it

Hey, hope you either worked out today or plan to later!

Today I’ve got part 2 of successful dieter strategies so let’s jump in shall we…

(If you missed part 1 – click here)


Get Slim Habit #4 – Be a Realistic Optimist

ACCEPT the fact that weight loss isn’t easy and that there will be ups and downs.

Much like the stock market…as long as you have the mindset that you’re “in this for the long-term” (whether it be 12 weeks, 6 months, or 1 year), this will help you have the right mindset and give you the best chance at being able to handle obstacles.

The more you expect to happen in a quick period of time is only going to leave you disappointed and frustrated – – thus causing you to quit (again).

Just relax, enjoy your fitness journey, and be sure to stop and reflect on small victories along the way, like noticing your abs being a little tighter, carrying heavier luggage without struggling, and clothes fitting better, as in the way they were meant to in the first place.


Get Slim Habit #5 – Activate the Reward/Punishment Game

When in life does winning not have rewards?

And when in life does losing not have consequences?

So…reward yourself every time you make a good size dent in your goal – and if you don’t reach your little “mini-goal” by that deadline you created for yourself, punish yourself by doing something you don’t wanna do.

Reward Example: “My ultimate goal is to get rid of 20 pounds, but I reached my 4 pound weight loss mini goal in the 14 days I said I was going to so I am going to REWARD myself by buying those shoes I saw that I loved! (Loving yourself is powerful.)

Punishment Example: “My ultimate goal is to get rid of 20 pounds but I did NOT reach my weight loss mini goal of 4 pounds the past 14 days so I am NOT going to my “Friday night out movie with twizzlers” ritual and instead…I am going to do 20 minutes of interval training cardio, eat a healthy dinner and do better next week.


No motivation to succeed and no fear in failing.

Change that NOW!


Get Slim Habit #6 – Movement Leads to Meal Improvement

This one is the most valuable strategy in my opinion.  I have seen hundreds of women say “I wanna diet hard first and lose like 10 pounds, then I will start a workout program.”

BLUNT STATEMENT – Dieting harshly without movement will make you feel like crap.

You think that’s gonna motivate you?

Make you look better and feel more healthy?

Last long?


That’s just a way to procrastinate a little longer with the whole “workout and exercise thing” – Sorry to be blunt but if you don’t move and exercise correctly, no amount of dieting will get you toned and sculpted.

In 10 years in the fitness biz specializing in weight loss and body toning for women, simply MOVING and starting an exercise/fat-loss/body toning program FIRST WITH NO CHANGES in what you eat EVENTUALLY leads to a better nutrition plan and a body transformation.


Because moving makes you FEEL good – when you FEEL good – you WANT to eat good – then when both of those things are dialed in you start to not just FEEL good but LOOK good!

Then I get thank you testimonials LOL (tooting of my horn I know).

REMEMBER: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

And I’m not talking about the “challenge” of getting up at 5am to get to your workout or dragging into the gym after a long day at work and thinking that because you showed up that will fit the bill and get you awesome results.

Everyone has to show up and we all have work that drains us mentally and physically.

That is the easy part of all this.

I’m talking about pushing yourself hard on each exercise to the point of thinking “My legs/arms/abs/whatever are burning so bad.  I want to give up and rest.  BUT NO, I’m going to push through this and not let this exercise beat me.  I’m going to beat IT!”

Just get your “ugly” fitness face on next time (we all have one) it gets so tough that you want to stop and push, push, push through!


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