6 Tips to Control Hunger

By April 2, 2013Health, Nutrition
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Hey, how are you?

You may have heard that I was sick Sunday night and into Monday morning.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel some sessions for the first time in my 11 year personal training career.

I’m 100% better now; in fact I was by mid day Monday.

And I tribute a lot of my quick recover to the tips in this email and my overall approach to my own fitness program.

So, read this email and implement these tactics fast and routinely for the best results…


Eat More Protein

When I dive into a client’s nutrition journal from time to time to help them zero in on their fat loss efforts, I usually find that they are not eating enough protein.  They are not eating protein enough times per day (each meal should contain a good portion), and not enough with each portion (at least a palm size for females and two palm sizes or the whole hand for males).

It turns out that protein has some very cool effects.  First off, protein helps with satiety and keeps you full longer.  I could site a bunch of studies here but try this experiment out on your own.   Eat 2 whole chicken breasts and the same amount of calories from Twinkies, and then see how soon you are hungry again.

Two 6 oz chicken breasts have about 420 calories.  This may leave some of you doing your own episode of “Man vs. Food” just to finish them.  Yet 3 Twinkies have about the same number of calories, and it would be easy to polish them off in no time (not that I know anything about that).

In the end, eat more protein to watch your waistline go down.


Drink More Water

Not a new one, but the cool thing about water is 1) it is required, and 2) no calories.  Basic stuff, I know, but the key question is:  “Are you doing it?”  Test out drinking more water and I bet you will drop fat without trying any harder.

Does water temperature matter?

Research on this area is pretty split, so if you like cold water, go for it.  If you can’t stand cold water, just go with room temperature water.  Don’t use the temperature of the water as an excuse to avoid it.  Hmmm, the water is not cold, so I am going to skip it.   Drink more first; then worry about the temperature.


Eat More Essential Fats

Essential fats are something many, many people are lacking in today’s world.  Even though we get a good dose of healthy fats through the other foods we eat that contain some fats, you still may need 1-3 small portions per day to help control hunger and release more fat to be burned.

Fats are best used by your body when there is an absence of starch and/or fruit carbohydrates from your meals.  If you are eating a lean protein and veggies then add a small amount of nuts on the side or some low fat dressing to your salad.


Get More Daily Intense Exercise

While it is very hard to out exercise the doughnut you ate, that doesn’t mean exercise is worthless.  I don’t have to tell you that exercise is the main way to burn calories, build metabolically active muscle tissue, and sensitize the body to utilize nutrients better.

Intense exercise five to six day per week will bring on more muscle growth and more muscle stimulation that literally pulls fats and carbs out of the blood to be burned.  Intense exercise also raises your resting metabolic rate, which is your primary method for burning calories, so you want to have a fast, high calorie burning motor.


Control Insulin More

Without confusing the heck out of you with all the science behind insulin and its effect on the body, let me break it down to you like this…

Think of insulin as your, “fuel selector switch.”

High levels of insulin = fat storage mode.  Not a good thing.

This can be storing carbs in muscle and the liver as glycogen, or storing more fat around those love handles you hate.

Low, or stabile levels of insulin = fat burning mode.  Sweet!

That is where you want to be.  Everything that you eat will result in some release of insulin, but we want to keep the overall response as low as possible by sticking with more proteins like meat, fish, egg, lots of non-starchy vegetables, and essential fats.


Be More Consistent

The above tips mean nothing unless you make them part of your daily routine.  The more consistency you show your body the more it will show you consistency in getting leaner, fitter, and stronger.


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