8 “Healthy” Foods that Make You Fat

By January 8, 2013Health, Nutrition
granola bars

As a Little Rock personal trainer I would estimate that eight out of every 10 people know that eating high calorie, processed foods will prevent them from dropping unwanted pounds of fat and getting a lean, toned body.

But then there are those so called, “healthy,” foods that are really just pitfalls for fat loss.

If you’re currently consuming these foods in your nutrition plan you probably will want to minimize, substitute for a better selection, or avoid all together to ensure you’re doing the best possible job eating fat burning foods.

Granola – Many are fairly high in sugar and fat with dried fruits and nuts mixed in.  Some varieties on store shelves are as high as 500 calories per cup!

My Suggestion: If you just have to have a small amount (1/4 cup) of granola in your Greek yogurt, then buy Bear Naked Fit granola which sports 3 grams of sugar per serving. Otherwise, granola is a great cheat day carbohydrate loader to enjoy.

Whole Grain Pasta – Perhaps the most calorie dense, “healthy,” food that people use in their nutrition plan.  Skipping the white pasta and opting for whole grain is better, but it is still a HUGE load of carbs.

My Suggestion: Whole grain pasta is a great cheat day carb loading option for those who care to eat cleaner on their cheat day to help pump up fat burning hormones for the next week.  Also, you can significantly cut the amount you put on your plate by stirring in some veggies like broccoli or zucchini to help increase volume without the calories.

Avocado – Great source of monounsaturated fat, but one avocado packs over 300 calories and 30 grams of fat.

My Suggestion: Don’t buy a whole avocado.  Instead buy packs of avocado in individual servings that you can spread on a turkey sandwich.

Nuts and Nut Butter – Again, super healthy, but another calorie dense food you have to get in smaller doses.  Besides, you should be getting just about all the healthy fats you need on a daily basis through all the other foods you consume which contain small amounts that all add up.

My Suggestion: If you feel like having a small amount every once in while or on a daily basis that’s cool.  Just don’t believe all the media hype about needing more to lose weight.

Fruit Juices and Smoothies – All fruit juices are loaded with sugar and most smoothies that you stop and buy at a small shop are too – AVOID!

My Suggestion: Eat a piece of fruit.  You get the juice and fiber to help burn more fat and fill you up.  Make you own smoothies with protein powder, milk (skim or 1%), and frozen or fresh fruit.

Dried Fruit – Plain and simple, coated with sugar – OUT!

My Suggestion: Consume more fresh fruit to change your taste buds instead of picking up the bag of dried banana chips or pineapple chunks.

Whole Wheat Breads – A very small percentage of so called, “whole wheat,” or “whole grain,” breads contain much whole grain goodness.  Brown bread doesn’t mean healthy.

My Suggestion: Look for the first ingredient to be whole wheat or whole grain flour.  Don’t go by what it says on the front of the package.  If you really want true whole wheat or whole grain bread go to a health food store like Whole Foods and try a loaf that looks good to you.

Whole Grain Bagels – See above.

With the exception of dried fruit, fruit juices, and smoothies that you buy, everything else on the list are things I would not have a problem with you including in a fat loss nutrition program provided it is not holding you back from achieving your fitness dreams.

Hope this list helps!  See you soon.

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