Agree or Disagree? (Fitness Myths Exposed)

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Hey, what’s up!

Hope your week has been great.  I’ve been busy, or course, but not too busy to check out a recent article in a popular fitness magazine.

The article was based on a handful of unbelievable diet rules that are backed by science.

Now I’m usually on the side of science when it comes to proven strategies that help you get better fitness results.

BUT…I’m even bigger on the side of what I’ve known for nearly 12 years as a fitness professional and seeing what truly helps get you results every single time!

It always comes down to the right kind of nutrition to burn body fat and keep it low, intense strength training to tone and build muscle, and fast cardio that takes your overall fitness to another level.

So, I’m going to go through a few of the rules from this article and let you know exactly what I KNOW to be true based on, what else, experience.

Some I agree with and some I don’t.  Read to find out…

  1. Skip Breakfast If You Want

This probably derives from the crowd who loves to “intermittent fast” to drop body fat.  This couldn’t be more wrong.  In the short term, you could probably drop a few pounds, but soon your body will adjust the other way and slow down your metabolism because you are not feeding it to start the day.  I’ve seen more science proving breakfast is vital and more fit people who eat breakfast each morning who are lower in body fat than those who don’t and end up with cravings and extra body fat.


  1. Snacking Does Not Affect Metabolism

This is another fat burning myth.  Anytime you eat a meal your body has work to do to break those nutrients down for your cells to use.  During the digestion process your organs are burning calories to get the job done.  That is why eating frequently throughout the day helps keep your metabolism high, because there is work to be done.  It is much easier for your body to breakdown and utilize (meaning less gets packed away as body fat) smaller meals than to eat one, two, or three big meals which convert to fat easier and raise your risk of digestive issues.


  1. Eat Carbs to Get Lean

I completely agree with this one!  Two big mistakes that people make are eating the wrong kinds of carbs too frequently and too little of the good ones in general.  Carbohydrates are not the singular culprit as to why people have a hard time losing fat.  It is usually several issues that need to be resolved.  Your body needs the RIGHT kind and RIGHT amount of carbs for continuous energy all day and to help burn body fat.


  1. Consider Fasting for Better Health

Refer back to #1 on this list.  It is a terrible idea to skip any meals or trying to fast for any period of time.  Here’s an idea: try using your car one day or even for half a day without any gas in the tank.  That is essentially what you are doing to your body.  We have plenty of food available to us in society.  Your goal each day should be to eat within 30 minutes of waking up and then eating every 3 hours until you have about 2 hours left until bed time.  Don’t try to make your body calorie efficient by starving it.  Make it a calorie incinerator and burn it off!


  1. Going Organic Won’t Help With Fat Loss

This is another one that I agree with.  I’m not too big on organic foods, but my wife is on most stuff, mainly fruits and vegetables.  To me it is like splitting hairs.  As long as the foods you consume are in good condition and are grown from the ground or came from an animal then you don’t have anything to worry about.  It’s cool if you love eating organically, and I applaud you for it, but there is not really an advantage when it comes to better fitness or fat loss results.  As long as you enjoy eating healthy that is all that matter, whether it is organic or regular.


  1. There’s No Such Thing As “Too Much Protein”

I agree with this one, sort of.  If you eat too much of anything that your body can’t use completely, then it will get stored as body fat.  Hey, it has to go somewhere right.  When it comes to protein consumption, the main rule is if you have pre-existing kidney issues then a high protein nutrition plan will probably be hard on your body and you’ll want to consider limiting high protein selections to just a few servings per day.  If you don’t have any kidney issues or gallstone problems then you have the green light to eat plenty of protein.  Remember, protein is one of the top two reasons muscles becomes shaped and toned.  The intensity of exercise has to be there and then you have to back it up with plenty of protein to rebuild broken down tissue.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed that lesson for today and that you can see where you need to change your approach if you are doing something that isn’t getting you quality results.

See you next week.  Have a great weekend!


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