Don’t Skip Your Meals!

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I’ve got a short email for you today because I am busy with all sorts of stuff, just like I’m sure you are.

Shedding fat is one of the most difficult goals you can set for yourself.  It takes laser focus and consistency to see your goals all the way through.

So why make it harder than it needs to be by starving your body of essential nutrients it needs to burn fat and build muscle by skipping meals or eating processed food?

These are two simple tips that I can pass along to you (remind you of) to help drop those fat pounds for good.


1. You Need Fuel to Make the Most of Your Workouts

Did you know that you can actually burn more calories if you eat a small, healthy snack before you visit the gym?  This is especially true when it comes to strength training, which you need to have eaten something before hand anyways or you’re going to hit a big wall half way through your workout.

While you may think a pre-workout snack means you’ll have to stay at the gym longer to burn off what you just ate plus some, the reality is the increased intensity you’ll be able to work up to and maintain during your workout will allow you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

As you probably know I’m big on doing cardio on an empty stomach, but if you need a small piece of fruit to help you perform better then go for it instead of doing some half hearted elliptical workout with an empty tank that isn’t going to really do much for you.


2. Focus on Quality, Not Complete Restriction

Just because snacking before your workout is encouraged does not mean that you can eat anything you want and still drop fat weight. You need to choose quality foods that will fuel your body with quality carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

When it comes to timing, most people find that they get the best results from having a small snack or meal an hour before exercising, and then eating a larger, but still quality meal, within 30 to 45 minutes of completing their workout.

Some of the best foods for workout fuel are plain, fat-free Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, whole grain bread, milk and natural peanut butter.  For a meal after your workout, you can’t go wrong with a recovery drink (strength training only), fish, chicken, turkey, fruit, lentils, brown rice, black beans or vegetables, just to name a few.

If you really want to burn fat off for good, it’s important to change your mindset about food, from feeling guilty or avoiding it to viewing it as one of the keys to getting the body you want.

Instead of getting stuck in the typical diet cycle of losing and then regaining weight, focusing on quality instead of starvation will make it possible for you to lose fat and actually keep it off!

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