Meet William


My Mission as a Personal Trainer

My mission is to help people achieve the best health and fitness results and lifestyle they can possibly earn. To give them the knowledge and skills that will improve their quality and quantity of life that they can pass down to loved ones. To help them practice safety and awareness when creating and sustaining lifelong health and fitness habits.

My Journey to Becoming a Personal Trainer

I’ve been a personal trainer since 2003, primarily helping people just like you lose weight and get into the best shape or their lives. But my passion for health and fitness started way before then. I was always an active kid playing outside with friends and participating in little league sports, and as a teenager with athletics in junior high and high school.

Around the time of junior high, when those adolescent hormones started changing, is when I began to experience weight gain mostly in the form of excess body fat. No longer could I eat whatever I wanted and however much of it I wanted when I was younger and skinny as a rail. All of the sudden my weight ballooned and my athletic performance in junior high and freshman and sophomore years of high school suffered because of carrying so much extra weight that I knew was bad for me.

Luckily, the summer before my junior year of high school I began to get more and more interested in working out. I had worked out before with weights and did some running when I was in junior high and high school athletics, but this was different. With the help of the internet I was able to research more information and study workout routines of bodybuilders and professional athletes that I understood with my limited knowledge.

From there I got a membership to a local gym and started my fitness journey! It was a slow and steady process, but I was seeing results and excited about increasing my health and fitness knowledge. I was even starting to help some of my friends with their nutrition and workouts when they started working out around the same time. Between my junior year of high school and starting college I was able to go from 250 pounds down to 185 pounds. That would be the last time I was under 200 pounds.

Once I got to college, I fell out of my habits of working out and eating better. With classes and studying, going out with friends, and an over crowded weight room on campus I just didn’t have the same drive to continue improving my health and fitness. My weight crept up again, this time to 235 pounds.

It would stay around that weight throughout much of college as I found myself getting back in the gym for a month or two about every two to three months off and on. Never coming close to seeing any good results like before. The problem was that I was burned out from how I worked out and ate back in high school to drop all of that weight, and I didn’t really know how to manage my school life and my health in a balanced approach to build those habits again.

What really changed and set me on the path to becoming a personal trainer was when I was in graduate school. Since I was 13 years old I wanted to be a basketball coach. I knew at a young age I probably was not going to be good enough to be a professional basketball player so I thought I might be able to coach it. I spent my junior and senior years of college at Texas State University as a student assistant to the men’s basketball coaching staff. When I started graduate school at Texas A&M University-Commerce I was turned down for the graduate assistant position on the men’s basketball team. Soon after I figured that maybe I didn’t want to coach basketball that much. Coaches at that level are usually in a different city every year or two and I wanted to be able to plant roots and stay in one place for a while once I got out of college.

Hearing some of my graduate school classmates talk about aspiring to be strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers lead me to believe that I too wanted to be in the fitness industry for my career. I felt I knew a good amount of information about working out, eating right, losing weight, and gaining muscle that I could certainly be a personal trainer some day.

From there I felt a fire spark inside of me! I got back to being passionate about working out regularly, eating a well balanced diet, and building lifelong healthy habits without feeling burned out. I was able to drop my unwanted pounds, going from 240 pounds down to 215 pounds of lean muscle. My health and fitness knowledge grew exponentially as I sought out opportunities to become a personal trainer for others.

In February of 2003 I was able to start as a personal trainer back in my hometown of Longview, TX. The personal training studio I worked for was incredible as it gave me the chance to help hundreds of clients with goals of weight loss, muscle gaining, pain reduction, joint stabilization, and much more. Since then I’ve been a personal trainer in Texarkana, TX from 2008-2009 and in Little Rock, AR since 2010.

My Education and Certifications

National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
2003 – Present

Texas A&M University at Commerce – Masters of Health, Kinesiology, and Sports Studies

Texas State University – Bachelors of Exercise and Sports Science