MOST Powerful Tip for a Lean Summer

brace yourselves summer is coming

Hey, hope you’re having an awesome day!

Several clients have come in lately talking about the need to, “do more cardio/working out,” to get rid of some pounds for the summer or for a vacation that is coming up soon.

That is all fine and dandy.  Especially, if you’ve gotten the message from some of my latest emails talking about getting enough calorie burning time in each week to see at least ½ to 1 pound leave the scales on a regular basis.

Yes, I want you to see where you can do better with getting in the gym and getting your sweat on to get better results, BUT…

The best and most powerful thing you can do to ensure you drop the weight you want to get rid of and get lean to enjoy your summer is to spend more time in your kitchen.

What good is spending more time working, burning, and sweating off calories if your kitchen isn’t in good shape to help support you nutritionally!

If you’ve got bad foods in the house or you’re just not eating as well as you should, then one of two things is going to happen…

  1. You stay EXACTLY the same because you’re putting as many calories back in as you’re burning off.
  2. Or you actually GAIN WEIGHT because you’re putting more calories back in than you’re burning off

Either way – THAT IS NOT GOOD!

So, let me give you a few quick tips to get the bad “food” out (get your garbage bag ready) and the fat burning food in…

Processed Foods Get Tossed! – Grab your garbage can and throw out all the bad stuff that is not helping you one bit.  You know what they are.  Don’t make excuses for why they are there.  Let this be a cleansing time for you to purge your house of all things that are man-made, calorie laden, and fat storing type foods.

Get Some Color In There! – Nothing is more appealing to your eyes and your taste buds then to have a plate full of colorful veggies and fruits.  Make a trip to the grocery store and stock up on greens, yellows, reds, etc.  Fill up your fridge with as much variety as possible.

Side Note: If you don’t like eating veggies frequently, then ask me how my Nutri-bullet helps me get in a lot of fat fighting fiber each day!

Protein Should Be Easy To Come By! – You’ve heard me many times before talk about how vital lean protein is to rebuilding muscle after workouts and boosting your metabolism throughout the day, so don’t skimp on it.  It should be in every meal.  Don’t like cooking meats?  That’s cool.  Pick up some canned chicken, tuna, or salmon.  Those types of done-for-you healthy proteins really come in handy in a pinch.  One simple recipe I love is to combine canned chicken chunks with cut up apple and some mustard.  Sometimes I eat it right out of the bowl or spread it over some whole wheat bread and have a sandwich.  Talk about perfect for summer time.

Water is BFFL with Fat Burning! – I’m going to be talking more about this later in the week on what drinking water means to your overall fat loss results.  I think you’ll be really surprised (I was).  In the mean time, make sure you toss out juices, colas, or any other calorie and zero calorie drinks that cause fat gain.  All those liquids add up quickly and add to your waistline.  Replace that space with plenty of cold water and be sure to take a bottle with you to always be sipping on.  Many times we are just thirsty instead of hungry.

Alright, those are some of my best bullet points to make sure your kitchen is lean to help you get lean.

Now go out and do it!

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