Oat Pancakes with Cottage Cheese

oat pancakes with cottage cheese

Makes: 3 pancakes

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes



2 tbsp Whole Oats

1/3 cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese

1/3 cup Egg Whites

1 tsp Vanilla

1 tsp Cinnamon



Pre-heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat.

Blend all ingredients in a blender for about 10 seconds or until smooth.

Pour about 1/3 of the batter (1 pancake) onto skillet. Use some coconut oil cooking spray if necessary. Cook on medium heat, flip when it bubbles and is able to be flipped easily, about 1 minute per side.

Once all pancakes are cooked, fill with more cottage (Greek yogurt can be used too).  Feel free to top with sliced fruit and some unsweetened cocoa powder (as pictured) for some extra flavor and fun.  Enjoy!


Nutrition Facts:

Approximately 200 calories (for whole batter).  No other information was provided, but you can tell that this entire recipe is around 300 calories or less, and is packed with healthy carbohydrates, high quality protein, and low fat.

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Oat Pancakes with Cottage Cheese

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