Wanna STOP Sugar Cravings (STOP Eating This)

By February 5, 2013Fat Loss, Health, Nutrition

There is one ingredient found in almost all over-the-counter foods that is more fattening and dangerous than almost any other food.

I take it for granted and just assume most people know they should stop consuming this ingredient, but after I get this question I realize this is simply not the case.

Q: William how can I manage my appetite for food, especially sugar? I do ‘ok’ for a few days and then I break down with cravings. Is there a solution? I want and need a solution. It seems like I can’t control it. Help! 

A: My first suggestion is obvious. Cut out processed foods. Secondly, eat more lean animal proteins combined with fibrous veggies and healthy fats. This will help stave off cravings – big time.

But you still have to dig deeper and look at the ROOT of the problem.

It starts with our brain chemistry.

New research is now proving that we can actually become ‘addicted’ to certain unhealthy foods, like sugar, because it makes your brain secrete the same chemicals as heroin and morphine.

Crazy eh? 

And that’s only the beginning.

Over time, when you abuse these foods your pallet can be damaged and you’ll eventually dislike the taste of “healthy” foods altogether.

So the more sugar (corn sugar, refined sugar, HFCS, etc.) you eat the MORE your body will crave it.

Basically your appetite will become damaged and you’ll literally feel out of control. If you’ve ever seen the movie Supersize Me you know exactly what I’m referring to.

It was basically an experiment where Morgan Spurlock made a commitment to eat McDonald’s everyday (3 meals a day) for 30 days straight.

The first few days he felt like crap every time he ate…

But by the third week, he was already experiencing withdrawals and symptoms of addiction.

Not only was it destroying his health – the ONLY time he felt “normal” was when he got his chemical laden fast food fix.

And guess what the main staple in Mickey Ds food is?

You guessed it… High Fructose Corn Syrup. 

It’s in their soda pop, their buns; I’ve read it’s even in their fries. 

In fact, today’s big food scientists actually design these foods to enhance this entire effect.

Just think about your own eating experiences and the foods that you’re more likely to binge on. Ever notice how somebody can down a whole bag of chips or cookies and still NOT be full?

Try doing that with homemade lasagna or chicken and broccoli – lol. NOT gonna happen.

These convenient processed foods are a chemical cocktail specifically designed to get you “hooked”.

So if you find yourself with out of control cravings or you often “binge” on cheat food, keep this research in mind.

Many times this same exact process is used on “healthy” over the counter grocery store foods to speed up delivery and give them shelf life.

And whether you realize it or not, it’s not JUST about eating healthy food and exercising. It starts with sending our brains the right “signals” – and managing your hormones and chemical makeup.

So make sure you STOP eating processed fructose – especially HFCS.

Remember, the fructose found in vegetables and fruits are totally different.  It’s mixed in with fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial phyto-nutrients…

So there aren’t really any negative metabolic effects.

However, there are certain cheat foods you CAN overeat.

And when you do it right, they’ll actually help naturally regulate your body’s #1 fat-burning hormone.

The end result: you burn more fat in less time and without slowed fat loss, metabolic damage, addictions or deprivation.

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