What it REALLY takes to lose a pound of fat

By April 23, 2013Fat Loss
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Hey, what’s up!

I’ve had a lot of clients do their regular check-ins recently and as usual some are getting results and some are staying pretty much the same.

Listening and looking at every one of those clients individually and what they are doing, I think I’ve isolated the one BIG difference in the ones who are dropping pounds and the ones who struggling — time spent burning calories.

Did you know that one pound of fat is 3500 calories?

That means in order for you to burn off one pound of fat in a week you HAVE to expend 3500 extra calories than what you eat in a week.

Think about it this way…

Take that 3500 calories and divide it by 7 days per week, which comes out to 500 calories per day.

In that breakdown example, each day is worth 500 calories of fat burning to you.

But part of the problem is that you shouldn’t exercise intensely 7 days per week in order to reach that 3500 extra calories burned to drop one pound of fat.

Trying to stay with that kind of daily intensity week after week until you reach your goal could end up be detrimental as fatigue, over training, and injury risks rise, thus threatening your consistent exercise habit over the long haul and setting you back quite a bit.

As you know, I am big on taking one day each week to get some complete rest or at least not exercising rigorously (a nice, slow, leisurely walk) so that your body can recuperate from the previous six days of intense, purposeful exercise.

So, that dials you back to six days of exercise per week.

Going back to the earlier example, that would mean that you will now need to burn a little more than 580 calories per day to reach that pound of fat burned each week.

Now look at it this way…

If you are missing 2-3 days per week of calorie burning exercise then you are missing out on about 1200 to nearly 1800 extra calories burned towards your 3500 calories of fat to get rid of one pound!

What should you do?

First, set a goal for the next 14 to 28 days to reach just one extra day of exercise than what you are currently getting (4 days of exercise to 5 days).  Once that is going well then you can move to adding another day until you get to 6 days.

If you feel you can do more and go all the way to a complete 6 days per week then go for it.  As long as you don’t feel like you are trying to bit off too much to chew.

It is still about building habits and not going gung ho and then burning out soon after and falling back to square one.

Second, clean up any bad nutrition habits by eating lean and healthy to help remove any calories that are just going to add more to your fat burning workload.

Remember, living a healthy eating lifestyle helps boost your basal metabolism which is responsible for the majority of calories we burn each day with out the stress of exercise, so take advantage and improve your resting metabolism as much as you can.

Third, don’t get discouraged if you increase your days of exercise and only get rid of a half of a pound.  That is still a step in the right direction and it doesn’t mean you need to double your exercise time.

Just add a little bit more exercise time to each day in the next week and see what increase in your result that gives you.

And finally, keep going!  Now that you’ve developed some better and more consistent habits you must keep it going.

One more thing…I’m still here to help in any way I can.

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