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Good Day Mate!  It’s Wednesday and I felt like tapping into my Australian side.


In order to achieve your ultimate body you have to know where you’re at and what is being asked of you (not by me, but by fat loss science) to take the next step in your transformation to keep getting results.

That is why I devised this handy chart to illustrate what percentage of compliance you are currently at as to how much of your fat loss program you are doing and what it means to step it up to the next level.

The percentages rank from 60% (barely maintaining) to 100% compliant (people will barely recognize the new you).

See which level describes you the best and what you need to do to step it up to the next level (or two) and get more results…

SIDE NOTE: Most everyone does a great job of getting their strength training sessions done during the week with me, so that is a given in this case.  This chart is more about what I am NOT around to see you do (nutrition and cardio).


60% Level – Barely Maintaining

Slightly more than 50% of the foods you eat consistently are fat burning foods and you typically eat on average 3 meals per day with the occasional 4 meals in a day.

You do pretty good drinking water when you think about it; otherwise you get busy and don’t drink much throughout your day.

“Cheat” day type foods creep into your strict days at a frequent rate instead of keeping them on one day during the week.

You average about 1 to 2 days per week of fat burning cardio outside of our sessions and rarely do any cardio on the same day as our sessions.


70% Level – Slightly Above Average

About 75% of the foods you eat consistently are healthy and help fat burning, and you typically eat 4 meals on average, sometimes a fifth meal with happen.

You do well drinking water with each meal, but have a couple of bad days in there and don’t drink much at all.

“Cheat” day type foods happen from time to time on your strict days but not too bad.  You do a pretty good job of keeping your cheat foods on your cheat day.

You get at least 2 days per week and sometimes 3 or 4 days per week of fat burning cardio outside of our sessions and are about 50/50 when doing cardio in the same day as our sessions.


80% Level – Looking Good and Doing Better Than Most

You eat well at least 80% of the time and do very well most days and weeks typically eating 4-5 meals each day and always eating healthy, fat burning foods.

Your water intake is very good and you sometimes drink between meals to stay full.

“Cheat” day type foods rarely get eaten on your strict days unless it was a party or special occasion, but you get right back on track soon.  You keep your cheat day the same each week.

You do well with your fat burning cardio getting in 3-4 days per week outside of our sessions and you get some cardio done on the same day as our sessions.


90% Level – On The Edge of Greatness

You are doing everything very well and only on rare occasions do you slip up and not eat right or miss your workout that day.

You eat a minimum of 5 meals per day with the best components to help fat burning.

You drink water very consistently all day long.

“Cheat” day type foods rarely cross your lips unless it is your cheat day.

You are like clockwork getting your fat burning cardio done as it is called for both on your cardio only days and your strength training + cardio days.


100% Level – Perfection

Not many people reach this level of compliance, not even me!  You REALLY have to do everything perfectly, but you probably have the body that shows it.

In fact, I think this level is reserved strictly for bodybuilders and figure competitors.  While I admire the level of commitment and dedication those types of folks have, it just isn’t for the rest of us.

To me, if you are doing everything you can to the best of your abilities then you are giving it 100% effort.

So, where are you at?  60%?  About 75%?  Not sure?

Since I started as a fitness professional 11 years ago, the one saying that rings true throughout this industry is that if you are obeying at least the 80/20 rule then you WILL get great results.

If you strive for 90/10 then you will get even better results.

The larger number is what you have to be concerned with.  It basically says that as long as you are doing things well 80% of the time or more then the other smaller percentage will not kill your results.

I don’t have to tell you that life will throw bumps, dips, and hurdles in your way all the time that get you off track, but it truly is about how you handle those times as to how far off track you get and how quickly you get back on track.

Remember it is about lifestyle changes that help you deal with those changes that life throws at you.

Also, I’m here to help you as much as I can.

If you’re struggling with getting to the next percentage level of compliance that will get you better results then we need to talk.

I think you know where to find me.


Yours in fitness and fat loss,




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